Classic piece – why I love (black) leather skirts

Not only am I practically obsessed with leather jackets, I also have a penchant for leather skirts. In contrast to regular pencil skirts, they have a style which fashion people classify as ‘edgy’. It is effortless. Cool. You look like, you didn´t try too hard. Urban chic. Common thing. Unexciting?
Not to me. To my taste leather skirts are like a Rolex to some business man. It´s my status symbol. As a young woman, I feel like this leather skirt is just a free(er) version of a pencil skirt. Rocking it, I don´t look like a business woman but it could possibly lead me everywhere. Wheter it is the next party at some random bar, meeting friends in a café, visiting a new place and even going to work. I´m fierce. It always gives me a sense of security to feel put together. You could also combine this skirt with a basic white T and it wouldn´t change my mind no whit about it´s versatile function.
Ultimately, fashion is freedom to me. To project a picture of myself out there, which is plain simple: be who you are.

P.S.: This time, I also uploaded a few Outtakes. Don´t be JUST serious.
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Outfit credits: peplum shirt (ASOS Curve), skirt (ASOS Curve), boots (Clarks), necklace (Oasis, via Asos), cardigan (Addition Elle), watch (Tchibo)




Pocahontas meets leo print

Pocahontas is one of my favorite Disney movies of all times. Her exotic beauty, not to mention her incredible talent to sing make her a special charakter in a moving story about two different (cultural) worlds that clash into one another. Although it´s scene plays back in the days of conquering new empires, it couldn´t be more recent: every day in the newspaper we face the problem of wars, mostly arising through different beliefs.

Obviously, I´m no second Pocahontas. A beige poncho paired with fake fur makes no exotic beauty. My look is actually quite casual under this “It-Piece”. I´m wearing a pair of stretchy brown pants, with a leo print shirt and brown boots. You could wear this to most work places, have coffee with your friends or even going into a museum on a rainy day. This look is neither Berlin, nor London. Is it Moscow? Maybe?! I´ll leave it up to your imagination.







Outfit credits: Poncho (Don Xuang Center Berlin, Vietnamese Market), Leo top (Nordstrom), Trousers (Sheego), Boots (Sheego), leather gloves (Karstadt, German retailer)