Change of hair

Today, I decided not to focus on a new beloved outfit of mine but to do so on a woman´s problematic zone: her hair. Most people say, that when a woman has a break up and/or is ready for a significant change in her life, she´ll redo her hair.
Speaking oft he devil, my biggest step here was going from a darker brunette (naturally, I´m hazelnut) to blonde this past year! It didn´t happen all at once but I´m truly loving it. I don´t think, I would have been capable to blog about fashion and upload full frontal shots before since I always tried to hide in pictures – not very successfully though. So, to some extent, I feel like my new state of hair is responsible for what I´m now: a plus size blogger and I´m proud of it!
Last but not least: what has changed? I guess, besides me not very much! Which is my main point: you have to be the change that you wanna see in the world! However, I did receive a lot of flattering compliments that blonde makes me look friendlier overall. And what about guys? Do they really prefer blondes as the famous Marilyn Monroe movie claims? Not sure. My friend Ross says that the whole solution might be that the typ of guys who will be drawn to me might be different, since I´m different. However, I feel like, I do get a little more attention but here again, I think it´s because I carry myself different too.

What did you experience when were going through a major hair change?


2014-06-02 10.04.52