Are (plus-size) blogger always in a relationship?

I have a confession to make: I´m single! Yeah, I know, not even so bad. Not only am I single, I´m also not dating anyone currently. Why? Because I just don´t feel like it. Seriously. No more stories to make my friends burst out of tears and/or laughter. I know, I´m just one of the plenty of fish in this big sea of singles…and when it´s right,I´ll know it. Wheter this will be next month, next year or some time in the future.

I hesitated a bit to blog about such a personal affair. Why am I doing it anyway? Because I wanted to encourage other (plus-size) women that this “stage in your life“ is fairly normal. It´s most certainly not because you´re fat, thick, bigger, bigger- boned or whatever you want me to be calling it. Their might be as many factors as your personal state of mind, the people you meet, the way you present yourself and possibly luck.

When you´re in the blogging scene and to me, quite frankly, it seems that most well-known plus-size bloggers are either engaged, married or in a long-term relationship. I guess one of the reasons might be that you just have someone to take your pictures on a regular basis. (As you know, it´s a big favor asking someone to take many pictures of you at once.) I hope, this oberservation is correctly, because if not: why aren´t there more of plus-size women without a relationship in the who-is-who-of-blogging? Are they less confident? Let´s don´t hope so.

And please, don´t take this the wrong way: if you are in a happy realtionship, I´m more than happy for you! In fact, I´m looking forward to go to all your weddings and celebrate your wonderful partners and choices with you!

You´re great – in every (single) way.

More about dating in a bit. Cheers!


Sun Times

Dear world, dear readers,

Life is good. I´m one of these people that come up with it all the time. I feel like I tend to be one of these nerdy nerds that always seem to feel like sunshine. I´m not always. But just feeling great, will lead you to do more positive for you and your surroundings. That day, I felt I had to embrace the world.

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