Stripes without stars

Like I promised: this time, no black dress. I don´t even wear black at all in this post. As I love bargain shopping, I was lucky enough to find this dress on sale. I decided to pair it with matching shoes, ironically finding myself to pick a pair of striped shoes as well. Since everything is kind of predictable, I mean red, blue and white is a very classic martime combination, I had in mind to break this rule with my earrings and longed for emerald green. How do you break (fashion) rules?
BTW: this particular red coat has a story on its own. It was once a not so super exciting gray coat and then had to go into red. Maybe I´ll do a DIY in the meantime about how that happened.







dress: Bonita (German retail store), coat: Simply Be, shoes: Fila, earrings: Casper (local jewellery store)


Cold warm days

It might sound contradictory but I truly believe that my outfit is for the cold warm days. Living in Germany, summers are not exactly what you would hope them to be. Sometimes you do need a coat and just in case you do, I would recommend a brighter color: red. It never goes out of style: Red nail polish, red lips and in said case another pop of red added by this red coat. Oh, and I promise, I don´t always wear black dresses. More coming soon. What do you wear on cold summer days?



dress: Asos curve, coat: C & A (German retailer), scarf: Karstadt (German retailer), shoes: Clarks

Sun Times

Dear world, dear readers,

Life is good. I´m one of these people that come up with it all the time. I feel like I tend to be one of these nerdy nerds that always seem to feel like sunshine. I´m not always. But just feeling great, will lead you to do more positive for you and your surroundings. That day, I felt I had to embrace the world.

Pasadena, Calfornia, view, sunshine






dress: TK MAXX (known as tjmaxx as well), scarf: SmartSet, sunglasses: Guess, shoes: Sheego, belt: H&M