Perfectly Imperfect

When going to a job interview, people always ask for your weak points. Back in the day, I remember the advice to not only perform your best, it had to be ‘perfect’. And by definition that would indicate, you were not to stop before results were delievered and conceived as brilliant. Frustration being inevitable on the menue.

Obviously, there isn´t enough time in a day and most importantly, a crucial part in every day business needs tasks foremost to be done. Scrolling through Facebook and specifically Instagram, the challenge is omnipresent to perform every moment of your life as if it were a life goal come true and it had to mean something. Hashtag #vacation goals, #relationship goals, #fitness goals, #beauty goals, etc. Literally, everything must be a dream boat. It´s tiring me.

Since when has it become cool to become a maniac? Do people realize, how much quality time they leave behind by attemtping to always portrait something that they´re most likely not? It´s a given, in business, we often need to fake it, till we make it. Even though it annoys me, yet it catches me more than I would like to admit, that I fear my efforts are not considered as enough, let alone great, not to think of perfect. Really, all I mostly gain from this, is feeling swamped and overwhelmed. I realize, being socially and physically active alleviates the pressure. But here again, the challenge restarts and we´re back in the vicious circle of comparison.

I have no answer, how to let go of it. How to not feel too often inadequate, wheter it´d be because of my body or my lack of skills. My inner voice tells me, that the only thing that really matters, is to allow yourself to be happy. With every given situation. And that might be the biggest challenge of all.


Outfit credits: skirt (zizzi), boots (gabor), romper (KIK), leather jacket (C&A), hat (small shop)


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