Classic piece – why I love (black) leather skirts

Not only am I practically obsessed with leather jackets, I also have a penchant for leather skirts. In contrast to regular pencil skirts, they have a style which fashion people classify as ‘edgy’. It is effortless. Cool. You look like, you didn´t try too hard. Urban chic. Common thing. Unexciting?
Not to me. To my taste leather skirts are like a Rolex to some business man. It´s my status symbol. As a young woman, I feel like this leather skirt is just a free(er) version of a pencil skirt. Rocking it, I don´t look like a business woman but it could possibly lead me everywhere. Wheter it is the next party at some random bar, meeting friends in a café, visiting a new place and even going to work. I´m fierce. It always gives me a sense of security to feel put together. You could also combine this skirt with a basic white T and it wouldn´t change my mind no whit about it´s versatile function.
Ultimately, fashion is freedom to me. To project a picture of myself out there, which is plain simple: be who you are.

P.S.: This time, I also uploaded a few Outtakes. Don´t be JUST serious.
P1020674 P1020688 P1020673P1020704P1020643P1020706P1020694

Outfit credits: peplum shirt (ASOS Curve), skirt (ASOS Curve), boots (Clarks), necklace (Oasis, via Asos), cardigan (Addition Elle), watch (Tchibo)




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