That coat though

I´m sure no one noticed but: I love coats! Seems like I have a little addiction here. What is it about coats that make them so special that you just feel like you have to be seen in public with them? For me, it´s pure sophistication. It can be an understatement and the other way round, it can be an eyecatcher on a rainy, gray winter day, depending on the colour.
My new favorite coat is from Carmakoma and stands for its flower power. I wished it had no pleather arms since that makes it much less of a spring/summer coat to me. I love leather jackets but more so when they´re pure.
I guess, I´m not the world´s biggest pattern mixing queen. I love it when other people do it but when I aspire to do it, I feel like I´m trying to dress for Halloween, if not going to a “Bad taste” party. You remember when they were on Vogue? In Berlin, mean people say, there always seems to be a Bad Taste party going on. I couldn´t care less. I´m in love with everything here, so the “Berliners” are just some little, cute and yet grumpy people. You just have to love them.






Photos: Astrid Listner

Outfit credits: coat (Carmakoma), jeans (Asos Curve), shirt (old), boots (Clarks)


2 thoughts on “That coat though

  1. Hallo du Hübsche, vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar. Die Wand war tatsächlich so geplant fürs Fotos. Das mit den Schuhen kann ich voll verstehen, aber ich bekomme soooo schnell Blasen, dass ich über diesen sneakertrend einfach so froh bin… Aber gerne ziehe ich auch mal schicke Schuhe an 🙂
    Btw: sehr schöner Mantel!!

    LG Lisa

    • Vielen lieben Dank, Lisa. Da freue ich mich aber besonders über deinen Besuch… Mit den Schuhen hast du natürlich recht… im Winter habe ich zum Glück einiges an Stiefeln, um das besser zu kompensieren… Ich trage zwischendrin immer wieder Ballerinas, aber es ist halt nicht das gleiche…grins… Danke, der Mantel ist ja glaube ich sogar von einer deiner Lieblingsmarken…Carmakoma… LG Janine

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