Aspiring Kate Middleton´s look

This outfit was shot a little while ago, when it was still possible to leave the house without a warm coat to snuggle into. It was one of those beautiful autmn days when the sun is shining and enjoying life while having a cup of coffee in one of Berlin´s unique coffee and cake heaven stores @Kudamm.

Like many girls, I´m completely obsessed with leather jackets. I can´t have enough of them and no, one black leather jacket never equals another black leather jacket. So, in my opinion it is more than legitimate to have five of one kind. I think I have about three leather jackets in total and I´m looking for a really cool one in red. But so far, everything I´ve found was either cut very poorly for my shape or the leather looked really cheap. Good to know that I´m patient since I will still love to own one when I´m lucky enough to find the right one! We all aspire to always find just the RIGHT things. Don´t we?

I love Kate Middleton´s style. She always looks so well put together, classy and chic. Like she never has a day when she just wishes to be invisible. As much as I love her outfits, I could never wear them myself in the exact way she does. Not only because I coulndn´t afford it but also because I would be the center of attention at any given time. Berliners don´t usally dress up as much as people in Munich, Düsseldorf or Hamburg – left alone Royals in Great Britian. So, this royal blue dress is put together for a less chic appearance on the first view. I´m wearing a big black scarf above and a black leather jacket together with black boots. To finish this look, I used a popping colour in form of this lace arm sleeves in a berry tone. And of course a matching lipstick from P2.


Photos: Astrid Listner

Outfit credits:
dress: Anne Klein, scarf: C&A, Leather jacket: C&A, shoes: clarks, arm sleeves: local shop, necklace: Kaufhof, bag: TK Maxx


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