Are (plus-size) blogger always in a relationship?

I have a confession to make: I´m single! Yeah, I know, not even so bad. Not only am I single, I´m also not dating anyone currently. Why? Because I just don´t feel like it. Seriously. No more stories to make my friends burst out of tears and/or laughter. I know, I´m just one of the plenty of fish in this big sea of singles…and when it´s right,I´ll know it. Wheter this will be next month, next year or some time in the future.

I hesitated a bit to blog about such a personal affair. Why am I doing it anyway? Because I wanted to encourage other (plus-size) women that this “stage in your life“ is fairly normal. It´s most certainly not because you´re fat, thick, bigger, bigger- boned or whatever you want me to be calling it. Their might be as many factors as your personal state of mind, the people you meet, the way you present yourself and possibly luck.

When you´re in the blogging scene and to me, quite frankly, it seems that most well-known plus-size bloggers are either engaged, married or in a long-term relationship. I guess one of the reasons might be that you just have someone to take your pictures on a regular basis. (As you know, it´s a big favor asking someone to take many pictures of you at once.) I hope, this oberservation is correctly, because if not: why aren´t there more of plus-size women without a relationship in the who-is-who-of-blogging? Are they less confident? Let´s don´t hope so.

And please, don´t take this the wrong way: if you are in a happy realtionship, I´m more than happy for you! In fact, I´m looking forward to go to all your weddings and celebrate your wonderful partners and choices with you!

You´re great – in every (single) way.

More about dating in a bit. Cheers!


6 thoughts on “Are (plus-size) blogger always in a relationship?

  1. I, for the longest time, was single. I’m officially single currently but I have the whole ‘friends with benefits’ going on. I enjoy being single. I think people have this idea that its not a choice because I’m plus size/fat. Which isn’t true. I’ve chosen that at this point in my life I’m happy being me. I’ve been single for a long time (for the most part without friends with benefits) and I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve learnt so much about me and been able to form my personality. I’m sure at some point I’ll meet someone but for now being single is fun!

  2. Thank you so much, Sarah, for your warm and honest comment. I couldn´t agree with you more.
    People always love this idea in their head that they “figured us out”. When we´re single it MUST BE due to the fact that we´re overweight. I mean, it can´t be by chioce? haha.
    What I´ve found to be true, is what we think about ourselves reflects much more what other people think about us than vice versa. But it´s tough to remind myself all the time about it.
    It´s best to know yourself inside out before commiting to someone. Some people are ready when they´re 19, others with 35 and some maybe in their late 50´s. Just because we´re with someone doesn´t always mean that we´re completely by us and happy. 🙂

  3. I absoluteley agree – I have been in quite a few relationships in my life. And of course there have also been times when I absolutely enjoyed being single and sometimes I hated being single. But as a matter of fact – It was never never never a/the problem that I was fat!

    btw.: I am married and he’s almost never taking my pictures – two reasons for that: he is not a great photographer, so we often end up arguing when he actually does take my pictures. Second point is that he is not living with me in Berlin. My pictures are usually taken by another blogger or friends. Of course, I am not in the who is who of the plus size blogger scene as well – just saying that there are possibilties. 🙂

    • Thank you, Kathin! Sorry for my superlate response. I was busy with school and life but have appreciated your comment very much!
      Your right, there are possibilities. I just wanted to address this since I always wondered why are most of these people in a realtionship and if there was a rule behind that. You might be a future star in the blogging scene. Best of luck!

  4. I nerver really looked at it from this side. For me it was always very encouraging to finally see other plus size girls in happy relationships, cause I never have been in a longterm relationship, and I haven’t been dating for quiet some time, and it took me a long time to realize that this is not only because of my fatness. It’s still sometimes hard for me to not start to think „You are just single cause no one likes your fat body!“, but seeing that other fat woman are loved and adored or have a happy active sex life, was a big help for me, to understand, that its not only my body that dictates my love life.

    It’s kind of funny to see this question why aren’t there more Single Plus Size ladys, cause I never really thought about it that way. For me being in a relation ship always is the thing that you need a lot more confidence to, then for being single. But maybe you are right and it’s other way around. You really got my head spinning now, so thank you.
    And also: cheers to being single!

    • Thank you, fresheima! For me, it always seemed to be super logical that it had to be this way since youre in a somewhat constant need to ‘justify’ yourself to everybody else as to ‘why you’ re still alone’. At some point. it´s only logical in terms of ‘survival’ to put some effort in your response. Before you´re able to do that, you need to put a whole good word of mouth into yourself. So you believe it first. True self-believe then is called self-confidence. The better you promote that, the more you´re perceived as self- confident.

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