Perfectly Imperfect

When going to a job interview, people always ask for your weak points. Back in the day, I remember the advice to not only perform your best, it had to be ‘perfect’. And by definition that would indicate, you were not to stop before results were delievered and conceived as brilliant. Frustration being inevitable on the menue.

Obviously, there isn´t enough time in a day and most importantly, a crucial part in every day business needs tasks foremost to be done. Scrolling through Facebook and specifically Instagram, the challenge is omnipresent to perform every moment of your life as if it were a life goal come true and it had to mean something. Hashtag #vacation goals, #relationship goals, #fitness goals, #beauty goals, etc. Literally, everything must be a dream boat. It´s tiring me.

Since when has it become cool to become a maniac? Do people realize, how much quality time they leave behind by attemtping to always portrait something that they´re most likely not? It´s a given, in business, we often need to fake it, till we make it. Even though it annoys me, yet it catches me more than I would like to admit, that I fear my efforts are not considered as enough, let alone great, not to think of perfect. Really, all I mostly gain from this, is feeling swamped and overwhelmed. I realize, being socially and physically active alleviates the pressure. But here again, the challenge restarts and we´re back in the vicious circle of comparison.

I have no answer, how to let go of it. How to not feel too often inadequate, wheter it´d be because of my body or my lack of skills. My inner voice tells me, that the only thing that really matters, is to allow yourself to be happy. With every given situation. And that might be the biggest challenge of all.


Outfit credits: skirt (zizzi), boots (gabor), romper (KIK), leather jacket (C&A), hat (small shop)


Classic piece – why I love (black) leather skirts

Not only am I practically obsessed with leather jackets, I also have a penchant for leather skirts. In contrast to regular pencil skirts, they have a style which fashion people classify as ‘edgy’. It is effortless. Cool. You look like, you didn´t try too hard. Urban chic. Common thing. Unexciting?
Not to me. To my taste leather skirts are like a Rolex to some business man. It´s my status symbol. As a young woman, I feel like this leather skirt is just a free(er) version of a pencil skirt. Rocking it, I don´t look like a business woman but it could possibly lead me everywhere. Wheter it is the next party at some random bar, meeting friends in a café, visiting a new place and even going to work. I´m fierce. It always gives me a sense of security to feel put together. You could also combine this skirt with a basic white T and it wouldn´t change my mind no whit about it´s versatile function.
Ultimately, fashion is freedom to me. To project a picture of myself out there, which is plain simple: be who you are.

P.S.: This time, I also uploaded a few Outtakes. Don´t be JUST serious.
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Outfit credits: peplum shirt (ASOS Curve), skirt (ASOS Curve), boots (Clarks), necklace (Oasis, via Asos), cardigan (Addition Elle), watch (Tchibo)



That coat though

I´m sure no one noticed but: I love coats! Seems like I have a little addiction here. What is it about coats that make them so special that you just feel like you have to be seen in public with them? For me, it´s pure sophistication. It can be an understatement and the other way round, it can be an eyecatcher on a rainy, gray winter day, depending on the colour.
My new favorite coat is from Carmakoma and stands for its flower power. I wished it had no pleather arms since that makes it much less of a spring/summer coat to me. I love leather jackets but more so when they´re pure.
I guess, I´m not the world´s biggest pattern mixing queen. I love it when other people do it but when I aspire to do it, I feel like I´m trying to dress for Halloween, if not going to a “Bad taste” party. You remember when they were on Vogue? In Berlin, mean people say, there always seems to be a Bad Taste party going on. I couldn´t care less. I´m in love with everything here, so the “Berliners” are just some little, cute and yet grumpy people. You just have to love them.






Photos: Astrid Listner

Outfit credits: coat (Carmakoma), jeans (Asos Curve), shirt (old), boots (Clarks)

Pocahontas meets leo print

Pocahontas is one of my favorite Disney movies of all times. Her exotic beauty, not to mention her incredible talent to sing make her a special charakter in a moving story about two different (cultural) worlds that clash into one another. Although it´s scene plays back in the days of conquering new empires, it couldn´t be more recent: every day in the newspaper we face the problem of wars, mostly arising through different beliefs.

Obviously, I´m no second Pocahontas. A beige poncho paired with fake fur makes no exotic beauty. My look is actually quite casual under this “It-Piece”. I´m wearing a pair of stretchy brown pants, with a leo print shirt and brown boots. You could wear this to most work places, have coffee with your friends or even going into a museum on a rainy day. This look is neither Berlin, nor London. Is it Moscow? Maybe?! I´ll leave it up to your imagination.







Outfit credits: Poncho (Don Xuang Center Berlin, Vietnamese Market), Leo top (Nordstrom), Trousers (Sheego), Boots (Sheego), leather gloves (Karstadt, German retailer)

Aspiring Kate Middleton´s look

This outfit was shot a little while ago, when it was still possible to leave the house without a warm coat to snuggle into. It was one of those beautiful autmn days when the sun is shining and enjoying life while having a cup of coffee in one of Berlin´s unique coffee and cake heaven stores @Kudamm.

Like many girls, I´m completely obsessed with leather jackets. I can´t have enough of them and no, one black leather jacket never equals another black leather jacket. So, in my opinion it is more than legitimate to have five of one kind. I think I have about three leather jackets in total and I´m looking for a really cool one in red. But so far, everything I´ve found was either cut very poorly for my shape or the leather looked really cheap. Good to know that I´m patient since I will still love to own one when I´m lucky enough to find the right one! We all aspire to always find just the RIGHT things. Don´t we?

I love Kate Middleton´s style. She always looks so well put together, classy and chic. Like she never has a day when she just wishes to be invisible. As much as I love her outfits, I could never wear them myself in the exact way she does. Not only because I coulndn´t afford it but also because I would be the center of attention at any given time. Berliners don´t usally dress up as much as people in Munich, Düsseldorf or Hamburg – left alone Royals in Great Britian. So, this royal blue dress is put together for a less chic appearance on the first view. I´m wearing a big black scarf above and a black leather jacket together with black boots. To finish this look, I used a popping colour in form of this lace arm sleeves in a berry tone. And of course a matching lipstick from P2.


Photos: Astrid Listner

Outfit credits:
dress: Anne Klein, scarf: C&A, Leather jacket: C&A, shoes: clarks, arm sleeves: local shop, necklace: Kaufhof, bag: TK Maxx

Are (plus-size) blogger always in a relationship?

I have a confession to make: I´m single! Yeah, I know, not even so bad. Not only am I single, I´m also not dating anyone currently. Why? Because I just don´t feel like it. Seriously. No more stories to make my friends burst out of tears and/or laughter. I know, I´m just one of the plenty of fish in this big sea of singles…and when it´s right,I´ll know it. Wheter this will be next month, next year or some time in the future.

I hesitated a bit to blog about such a personal affair. Why am I doing it anyway? Because I wanted to encourage other (plus-size) women that this “stage in your life“ is fairly normal. It´s most certainly not because you´re fat, thick, bigger, bigger- boned or whatever you want me to be calling it. Their might be as many factors as your personal state of mind, the people you meet, the way you present yourself and possibly luck.

When you´re in the blogging scene and to me, quite frankly, it seems that most well-known plus-size bloggers are either engaged, married or in a long-term relationship. I guess one of the reasons might be that you just have someone to take your pictures on a regular basis. (As you know, it´s a big favor asking someone to take many pictures of you at once.) I hope, this oberservation is correctly, because if not: why aren´t there more of plus-size women without a relationship in the who-is-who-of-blogging? Are they less confident? Let´s don´t hope so.

And please, don´t take this the wrong way: if you are in a happy realtionship, I´m more than happy for you! In fact, I´m looking forward to go to all your weddings and celebrate your wonderful partners and choices with you!

You´re great – in every (single) way.

More about dating in a bit. Cheers!

Change of hair

Today, I decided not to focus on a new beloved outfit of mine but to do so on a woman´s problematic zone: her hair. Most people say, that when a woman has a break up and/or is ready for a significant change in her life, she´ll redo her hair.
Speaking oft he devil, my biggest step here was going from a darker brunette (naturally, I´m hazelnut) to blonde this past year! It didn´t happen all at once but I´m truly loving it. I don´t think, I would have been capable to blog about fashion and upload full frontal shots before since I always tried to hide in pictures – not very successfully though. So, to some extent, I feel like my new state of hair is responsible for what I´m now: a plus size blogger and I´m proud of it!
Last but not least: what has changed? I guess, besides me not very much! Which is my main point: you have to be the change that you wanna see in the world! However, I did receive a lot of flattering compliments that blonde makes me look friendlier overall. And what about guys? Do they really prefer blondes as the famous Marilyn Monroe movie claims? Not sure. My friend Ross says that the whole solution might be that the typ of guys who will be drawn to me might be different, since I´m different. However, I feel like, I do get a little more attention but here again, I think it´s because I carry myself different too.

What did you experience when were going through a major hair change?


2014-06-02 10.04.52